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Loosing your job is never easy. When you’re at a specialist, managerial or executive level, there can be an added layer of confusion and stress that comes from suddenly losing your corporate status and your unique responsibilities. If you have recently lost your job, the first thing to know is that you are not alone. A recent study from Harvard Business Review analyzed 2,600 executives over 10 years. It found that nearly half (45 percent) had suffered some type of significant blow during their career, such as getting fired, making a considerable mistake on a high-stakes project, or fumbling an acquisition. Yet, out of the executives who made a major error, 78 percent of them went on to become a CEO or Managing Director. In another data set, 68 percent of 360 executives who got fired landed another job within six months, 24 percent landed another job within a year, and 91 percent of those who got a job ended up at a higher seniority level.

The results of the study show that there is hope after getting fired. The key to your success lies in understanding how to navigate this transition so you can land another position at the same or higher level. On my side, my expertise is to help specialists, managers, executives and business leaders in this business critical and emotionally difficult challenge of their career.

What could you have done better or differently?

It can be hard to accept that you had a role in getting fired but taking the time to understand what went wrong can help you develop and become a better leader in your next position. Have you well anticipated the situation? What were your Plan B and Plan C? Instead of blaming others and debating whether your firing was “fair” or not, think about how you could have avoided the situation and about the events that led to you getting fired. What can you learn from the experience? How will you lead differently in your next role to avoid the same outcome? Learning from your past and strategically facing your future is how you learn and develop so you can avoid repeating the same unfortunate events in the future.

Regain Your Confidence

Getting fired can damage your confidence, especially after you take a candid look at your role in the experience.

However, you will need to regain your confidence in order to get another position. Write down all of the things that make you great at what you do. What makes you highly qualified and competitive in your industry? What have you accomplished that others could not?

Keep this list nearby so you can refer to it whenever doubt starts to creep in. Additionally, Elena Bajic, Founder and CEO of Ivy Exec, suggests doing non-profit work to stay busy and relevant as you start your job search. Giving back can improve your self-esteem as you focus on serving others. At the same time, it can help you use your skills in a new way.

Create a Roadmap

The only way to come back after getting let go is to have a strategic plan. Finding a job at a specialist, manager or executive level will take preparation, research, networking, and dedication. You’ll need to commit to putting everything into pursuing another career opportunity. Reaching out to a career strategist for help can put things in perspective for you and show you what other options are available that you may not have previously considered.

If you have been let go, it’s normal to feel sad, demotivated, confused, or even angry. Enlisting my help at Kassog International as a knowledgeable guidance who will efficiently support you as you navigate this transition can be just what you need to develop a clear roadmap that puts you on the path to a successful and rewarding career.

Dedicated to your progress, focused on your success.

Kind regards,

Gabriel Kassowicz

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Gabriel Kassowicz

Gabriel Kassowicz is an international recruitment, leadership and career expert. He equally specializes in helping Executives in their career challenges and in supporting corporations to recruit their Leadership profiles. Gabriel has worked more than 20 years in Global Fortune 500 corporations like KornFerry, Pfizer, Honeywell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc.

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