Why Is Conducting A Job Search So Difficult?

Finding a new Job Isn’t an Easy Challenge

When it comes to the search for a new job, whether you’re an entry-level professional or a seasoned executive, the challenge is certainly going to present some obstacles to overcome. The job market is competitive – even for people with extensive experience and even in a slowed down economy. The reality is that landing an interview and scoring a job opportunity takes dedication, commitment, and some know-how. Should you be a seasoned executive, you certainly understand what I refer to, don’t you? Thanks to professional experience, we all have some “know-how” to do our best to land our next job. Nevertheless, are you sure that you will stand out from other qualified candidates in your job search? Will you identify better opportunities than others with the same profile as you?

As you may see, things are not as simple.


Self-Assessment is your first Step

One of the most important initial steps you can take when starting your search for a job is to sit down and to start thinking about yourself. Of course, you will look at a later stage at the job market to see what types of opportunities exist for someone with your profile and with your qualifications and experience. But before looking outside, start looking inside. Engage a conversation with yourself and take some qualitative time with you personally.


Personal Assessment

Start your personal evaluation for example by having a closer look at your context. In other words, assess your personal as well as your professional circumstances. What are the “cause-effect” relationships that you can identify between these two personal and professional worlds? To what extent has your personal life an impact on your career life? And the other way round of course. What are the compromises you are ready to make for your job? Next to many more questions that we exchange with our Career coaching clients, these interrogations are at the very beginning of your professional rebirth.


Career Assessment

After having spent the necessary time on you and on your personal realities, the self-evaluation now moves to the second place where you spend most of your time, i.e. your workplace. With the pandemic situation, the boundaries between home and your workplace have changed. Home-working or tele-working have impacted the relationships between home and work, between colleagues and family and between “nice to have” and “must have” career expectations. A majority of our clients are now evaluating differently their past professional experience and their future objectives. The shift in their career assessment is obvious and measurable.

Key Leadership Skills like “Collaborating with Others” or “Building Successful Teams” for example have gained a new resonance in the Career Assessments our clients perform with us.

The answers to key career questions will enable you to better orientate the direction of your job search. You will be able to better identify the environments and the company cultures where you will flourish and develop yourself.

As a conclusion, the starting point of your career growth is strategically important. Laying down robust personal foundations will determine your future career path. Becoming stronger inside will attract the right job opportunities for you personally and professionally. Your future interviewers and managers will also be happy to connect with a professional who is well aware of personal and career goals, of personal roadmap and of the highways leading to personal happiness and fulfillment.

Still wondering how we help our clients with their job search and self-assessment? Click here to know more.

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Gabriel Kassowicz

Gabriel Kassowicz is an international recruitment, leadership and career expert. He equally specializes in helping Executives in their career challenges and in supporting corporations to recruit their Leadership profiles. Gabriel has worked more than 20 years in Global Fortune 500 corporations like KornFerry, Pfizer, Honeywell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc.

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