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What Leadership Skills Do Employers and Teams Value the Most?

What Leadership Skills Do Employers and Teams Value the Most?

There’s an old way of thinking that says “people are born leaders” is misleading. This mindset is dangerous because it suggests that you’re either a leader or a follower and have no option to change direction. The truth is that anyone can develop essential leadership skills that will help them advance in their career. Keywords: career coaching, leadership, career acceleration, performance

Three Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Three Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Regardless of your industry, you have the same goal as every specialist or entrepreneur—to be a successful expert or business owner. Many entrepreneurs find themselves lost when they first start out and realize too late that they did not take enough time to set goals and build a roadmap. Keywords: entrepreneur, leadership, goal, roadmap

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Gabriel Kassowicz

Gabriel Kassowicz is an international recruitment, leadership and career expert. He equally specializes in helping Executives in their career challenges and in supporting corporations to recruit their Leadership profiles. Gabriel has worked more than 20 years in Global Fortune 500 corporations like KornFerry, Pfizer, Honeywell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc.

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