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Our Clients’ Progress and Results

Our mission is to improve the performance of Executives, of Business Leaders and of Entrepreneurs in their interview and career challenges.

We are the confidential and personal career strategists of our clients.

I strongly believe that career success is a journey, not a coincidence.

Gabriel “Kassog” Kassowicz

Interviews with candidates

Taught us the best strategies to adopt and the missteps to avoid

Powerful Methodology

Provides our clients structure, clarity and efficiency

Actionable Modules

Correspond to job market realities, trends and expectations

Our Vision

Business aware, we strategically and operationally advise our clients. We deliver them valuable guidance, actionable strategies and powerful collaborations.

We Share Knowledge and Wisdom

Full of Gratitude for these past 20 years of successful experience, the momentum in 2020 has come to share knowledge and wisdom with our community.


Gabriel is one of the best recruiting specialists I ever met. He’ s able to build immediate trust and has a really supportive and positive attitude towards other individuals. Building this environment allows him to be extremely effective in justifying whether or not a candidate fits into an open position or to a company.

Daniel Hurni

Associate Director - Biologics External Manufacturing

Gabriel understands the ebbs and flow of business and delivers talent to propel companies forward. He is highly skilled in acquiring proven individuals that can address an organization’s most pressing business challenges. Without his efforts—-which were above and beyond the call of duty, it would have not been possible to build the powerful Team we have today in such a short time! My respect for Gabriel runs deep – his work ethic, engaging conversation, and abundant business empathy are the epitome of professional excellence.

Roxana Timmermans

Strategy & Growth | Innovation | Value-Partnership | Negotiation | Strategic Transactions | BusinessIntel

I interviewed with Gabriel during my hiring process. He is an excellent Talent Acquisition Manager, able to handle the fine balance between selecting executive talent that bring the required professional skills, the expected potential and the personality and mindset to match the organization’s culture. I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.

Felix Evensen

Head of Digital – Digital Marketing – Digital Operations – User Experience – Product Owner – Agile Projects

Why Different?

  • We want our clients to gain and develop their winning capability
  • Our unique 3-step system, The Kassog Wheel™, drives value, growth and development
  • We are human beings collaborating with human beings

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